Body Confidence

We tend to have complicated relationships with our bodies. There are times when we can be happy with how we look, usually after focussing on our best bits when looking in the mirror, and then there are those times when we don’t feel confident about our looks at all. These are usually the moments when we focus on the things we don’t like or when we unflatteringly compare ourselves to celebrities or people we know. 


So, what about you? Are you happy with the way you look? If you have high body confidence, your answer will be yes. You will be comfortable in your skin and satisfied with the way you look when you glance into the mirror. But if you have low body confidence, you will be less than happy. It might be that you’re very critical of your body and if this is the case, your daily life may be affected. 

The Impact of Low Body Confidence


When you are confident about your body, you will have less reason to think badly of yourself when you’re with other people. You will be able to hold your head up high, walk down the street, and feel glad about the way you look, regardless of the opinion of others. In other words, you will have a healthier body image, and this will give you a reason to feel confident in most aspects of your life.


But when you have low body confidence, you may be worried about the judgement of others. You might say ‘no’ to social situations and it might be that you actively avoid other situations where you suspect you’ll feel embarrassed. Low body confidence can also affect your mental health. Many people fall into depression when they become overly critical of their looks and they can fall into unhealthy eating behaviours too. Needless to say, if you’re relating this, it is important to take action to help yourself, perhaps by speaking to a medical professional and/or by considering the actions below. 



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How To Improve Your Body Confidence

If your body confidence is low, take the steps necessary to improve the way you feel about yourself. 


Alter your perception of yourself. You’re not perfect – nobody is – so don’t assume you’re less than worthy or attractive. Focus on everything you like about yourself and remind yourself of these aspects whenever you start to dwell on the things you don’t like. 

Avoid the comparison trap too. It’s easy to compare ourselves to the models and celebs we see on TV or in magazines, but we forget that these people often have access to professional make-up artists, gym coaches, and nutritionists to improve their bodies. In some cases, the photos we see online have also been airbrushed and photo-shopped so the reality of what they look like is far different from what we are led to believe. 





Let Us Help You

So, our first piece of advice is this: Don’t be afraid of your imperfections. It’s okay to be you, no matter society’s standards. 


But if there is anything you do want to change, it should be possible for you to do so. A healthy diet and regular exercise could be the next best steps to improving your body confidence. So too could a greater degree of self-awareness about how your thought processes affect the way you feel about yourself. 

To these ends, we recommend our RESET program. Created by highly qualified psychologists, trainers and instructors, you can benefit from body confidence coaching that will ultimately improve the way you view your body. Browse our website to learn more about the program and the various aspects that will begin the changes you want to see in yourself.




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