Physical Health and Wellbeing

What is physical wellbeing?


Physical wellbeing is about more than having good health. It is about how we physically feel and function, depending on the lifestyle choices we make every day. If you don’t feel physically able to handle whatever the day throws at you, then there could be issues you need to address to improve your physical wellbeing. This might mean a visit to your doctor but it might also mean taking other steps to improve the way you feel on a daily basis. 


When you start to improve your physical wellbeing, you will benefit your mind too. This is because the actions you take to preserve your body have a knock-on effect on your mental health. When you are physically active and eat healthier foods, you also feed your brain as well as your body. As such, your overall wellbeing will be improved.


There are a number of factors that can affect your physical wellbeing. Age is one such factor as your body can experience more aches and pains as you get older. Chronic illnesses can also affect the way you physically feel. Intervention from medical professionals is advised when these affect you. Stress and anxiety also play their part and these are sometimes brought on by other factors that affect your physical wellbeing, such as overwork, a lack of sleep, and other aspects of an unhealthy lifestyle. 

How can you improve your physical wellbeing?


Taking steps to manage prevailing health conditions is one thing you can do, but as we said at the beginning, you also need to consider your lifestyle choices.

Are you eating well every day?

Are you exercising on a regular basis?

Are you getting enough sleep? 

If the answer to any of those questions is ‘no,’ then you need to turn things around for yourself. Start to improve your nutrition, spend more time on your feet in physical activity, and make sure you have plenty of time to rest. 

As we suggested, stress can affect the way your body feels, so it’s important to confront your stressors and deal with them head-on. For those stressors that can’t be eliminated immediately, you should do what you can to distract yourself from them, perhaps through mindful meditation and other techniques that can calm your mind.

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Improve your physical wellbeing with the RESET Program


The RESET Wellbeing Project provides a comprehensive and evidence-based online programme designed to improve your physical health, mindset and overall wellbeing. During the 12-week programme, you will benefit from the insights created by highly qualified psychologists, trainers and instructors to help you get the most out of life. Where your physical wellbeing is concerned, you will improve it via physical activity plans, nutritional guides, and mind coaching sessions that will strengthen your mind and consequently your body. 


Browse our website to learn more and then sign up when you are ready to do so. It’s just one of the things you can do today to help yourself and by doing so, you will do much to preserve your future. 


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