“In the past, the environment was obviously a part of survival and was respected. Survival depended on being close to nature. Now most of us don’t acknowledge the part played by the environment in our lives”. Susan Wright

When our environment is cluttered, the chaos restricts our ability to focus. The clutter creates too many stimuli, too many distractions, and limits our brain’s ability to process information. A cluttered environment does not just mean too many things around us, it can also be too much noise and stimulation from electronic devices. Modern life is busy, and getting home from work and turning on the TV can often feel like the easiest option. But this often means disconnecting from ourselves and the world around us. 

A cluttered or over-stimulating environment can lead to higher levels of anxiety, stress hormones and a worsened memory. Research also shows that it has direct implications on our self-esteem, our relationships, our sleep and our sex life! 

Our environment is often a reflection of ourselves, the way we feel about ourselves and our life. So it can be a catch-22! The more chaotic our environment is, the lower we might feel, and the lower we feel the more cluttered our environment becomes. 

Did you know that going outside in green space every day has been shown to reduce stress, increase capacity to control stress, improve physical health and improve overall health?


Even if it’s just for 20 minutes a day, refresh your mind, and go outside. 


People visiting and noticing nature have better wellbeing. The visual stimulus array of a natural setting would automatically trigger our rest mode. Natural settings, inherently rich in stimuli, stimulate our Involuntary Attention which helps us to relax. You won’t hear people saying that they are getting tired of watching the clouds but you will get tired of reading/ listening to a conference!

At the RESET Wellbeing Project, we believe we are intrinsically connected to our environment, from the home we live in to the earth we walk on. 

We are here to support you in both seeing and changing patterns of behaviour in relation to this, and ensure that your environment is conducive to real sustainable change. 


Through the program, you will learn how to reconnect with your surroundings and how to create a clutter-free environment to enhance your mind and body, unlocking its full potential.



Join the 12-week programme and improve your overall sense of wellbeing

The RESET Wellbeing Project provides a comprehensive and evidence-based online programme designed to improve health, mindset and wellbeing.


Created by highly qualified psychologists, trainers and instructors to deliver expert insight helping you get the most out of life.

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The Reset course has been amazing. In 12 weeks I have reset my thinking and I have gained a healthy vision of my future.
I've confronted my patterns of behaviour, and have emerged stronger, more capable and happier than I've felt for years.