“We control with our own minds almost everything in our lives, including our health, our careers, our relationships, and our futures”.  Dr Shad Helmstetter, author of Self-Talk. 


When we want to implement change, we need to start with our thoughts. The perception we have of ourselves and our life is going to influence the way we feel, but also the way we react and respond to the world around us.  


The average person is said to have 60,000-80,000 thoughts a day and around 90% of our thoughts are repetitive automatic thoughts, thoughts we have inherited from our past and have over time defined ourselves by.  It’s time to check if our inner voice is reading the right script that truly reflects our goals and dreams, or just repeating outdated and hypnotic information?


Which old script do we have in the background? 

“I can’t do it”, 

“I can’t achieve my goals”, 

“I am not good enough”, 

“I should be better”


Which script do we really want to follow now? In other words, our inner voice has power over our destiny. The words we use when we think and when we talk to ourselves are going to influence our behaviour and affect our present and future life.


Our body listens to our thoughts, believes them and follows them as if they were instructions in the user’s manual of life. In these overly stimulating times, it can seem difficult to recognise and observe our internal chatter. We might not like what we hear or we might be too distracted by the world around us and we have lost the ability to listen internally. Therefore, we live our life unaware of the instructions that our mind is sending to our body. 


It is time to reconnect and learn to unravel our thought patterns.


With the personal support of our expert clinical psychologists and life coaches, you will learn to RESET your mind to gain a deeper understanding of your whole self.


We help you to shed light and unravel unhealthy patterns, by helping you to gain awareness of the connections between your thoughts, emotions, and physical experiences. This often leads to higher levels of self-esteem, self-awareness and improving mental health.


From the comfort of your home, you will have access to : 

  • Live sessions with our experts in psychology, strength conditioning, nutrition, etc. 
  • Pre-recorded videos/ workshops with our experts in psychology, strength conditioning, nutrition, etc. 
  • Live/ Pre-recorded Physical Activity Sessions (i.e. Strength conditioning, yoga, pilates, etc.)
  • Live Q+A’s
  • Printable PDF workbooks and recipe books
  • Booklists and playlists to accompany you on your wellbeing journey
  • Interactive discussion on subjects related to your wellbeing such as holistic psychology, body-positivity, daily routines, etc.

Using holistic psychology, our aim is to help you to understand and enhance your body, to unlock its full potential.



Join the 12-week programme and improve your overall sense of wellbeing

The RESET Wellbeing Project provides a comprehensive and evidence-based online programme designed to improve health, mindset and wellbeing.


Created by highly qualified psychologists, trainers and instructors to deliver expert insight helping you get the most out of life.

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The Reset course has been amazing. In 12 weeks I have reset my thinking and I have gained a healthy vision of my future.
I've confronted my patterns of behaviour, and have emerged stronger, more capable and happier than I've felt for years.