Our gut has a direct line of communication with our brain. Lodged in the tissues of our gut, from our throat to our rectum, we have over 200 to 600 million neurons (brain cells), the equivalent of a cat or dog brain. This intimate relationship between our gut and our brain illustrates this intimate relationship between the body and mind.


Have you ever experienced “butterflies” or your stomach “dropping”? Our gut is sensitive to our emotions, and the relationship goes both ways. The way we eat can play an important part in inflammatory processes, which has been linked to several mental health difficulties including anxiety and depression.


Did you know that we need about 90 different nutrients per day to boost our health? Those nutrients are found in our diet (food/ water). Therefore a diverse and balanced diet ensures a healthy body, mind and spirit. A Chinese saying says: “disease enters through the mouth”. 


Research has shown that our diets, or more specifically deficiencies in certain nutrients, contribute to the development of disease. Research has found a correlation between biochemical imbalances and depression, anxiety and psychotic symptoms. 


Did you know that our brain is made out of 78- 85 percent water? Imagine the impact on your thinking when you are dehydrated! Research has shown that when your brain depletes in 1 per cent of water, you are likely to have a 5 per cent decrease in cognitive/brain functioning! 


Good health starts with those little daily gestures that allow your body and your brain to function effectively and help you to achieve your goals! 

With the personal support of our nutritionists, life coaches and wellbeing assistants, you will learn to RESET your body and gain a deeper understanding of your whole self.


You will learn more about the mind-body connection and get your well-being to its full potential!

From the comfort of your home, you will have access to : 


  • Live sessions with our experts in nutrition, psychology, strength conditioning, etc. 
  • Pre-recorded videos/ workshops with our experts in psychology, strength conditioning, nutrition, etc. 
  • Live/ Pre-recorded Nutrition Sessions 
  • Live Q&A
  • Printable PDF workbooks and recipe books
  • Booklists and playlists to accompany you on your wellbeing journey
  • Interactive discussion on subjects related to your wellbeing such as  holistic psychology, body-positivity, daily routines, etc.

Our aim is to help you to understand and enhance your body, to unlock its full potential.



Join the 12-week programme and improve your overall sense of wellbeing

The RESET Wellbeing Project provides a comprehensive and evidence-based online programme designed to improve health, mindset and wellbeing.


Created by highly qualified psychologists, trainers and instructors to deliver expert insight helping you get the most out of life.

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The Reset course has been amazing. In 12 weeks I have reset my thinking and I have gained a healthy vision of my future.
I've confronted my patterns of behaviour, and have emerged stronger, more capable and happier than I've felt for years.